Listing terms

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Thank you very much for taking the time to submit your property . At Amazing Property it is our commitment to ensure a professional and enjoyable new property selling and renting experience for you.

Please be informed that your property will go through check and inspection by our team, We will check your submitted property to make sure it meet our standard for publication and to be sure this property exists and is ready for sale, rent or lease. We may also contact you in regard to your listing if we need any clarification.

Please do ensure that the real property pictures are included in your submission, because properties with real pictures or photos sells quicker / faster than properties without any or their original photos, type of property, full detailed description of your property, property exact address, type of property documents, Your full name, your contact details.

We reserve the right to remove, delete or discard any submitted property or properties If we don’t find such submitted property worthy for publication or if property did not meet our standard, such property or properties will not be published, but as soon as your property is reviewed and is approved by our team we will published your property and you will receive a notification and your listing will be live on Amazing Property Nigeria.