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Speaking on the current challenges being faced by development companies, still to deliver .

It’s been two years since the coronavirus (Covid-19) swept the planet, wreaking havoc on every facet of human life. While it may appear on the surface that the world has successfully returned to business as usual.

This is especially true for real estate development corporations Since 2020, have faced a variety of obstacles, including contractor inefficiency, inflation, and shifting foreign exchange rates, all of which have had a significant influence on the procurement of building materials.

Speaking on the current challenges being faced by real estate development companies, “There is a lot to be said about the burden of construction in . However, we have learnt that construction requires a daily review of our processes and improving on them.

“In the reality in which we currently exist, we are learning to adapt in order to thrive. The companies that survive these challenging times are those who are able to lead with integrity and have a deep understanding of their customers.

“We are facing these challenges by being optimistic despite the tough market conditions and devising new strategies that will enable us to create greater value for our customers in the long run. We are bringing together our industry expertise; quality product and service applications, and safe and reliable supply in order to provide more viable solutions,

is known for its great practise, innovation, designs, and customer-centric commitment to offering quality service all around the world.

These firms has taken stringent measures to avoid common preventable disasters peculiar to the industry by ensuring the use of quality building material and hiring experienced skilled workers who are focused on expediting delivery of housing units without the risk of compromise to the existing standards.

Some firms has continually enhanced its communication with clients who may be reasonably frustrated by the delays as part of its attempts to cope with the rippling effects of these current problems. Through routine project updates, an increased workforce and an efficient work plan towards delivery, some firms is also optimizing its processes in order to keep to its promise of quality service to clients.

These firms boasts of a track record of developments of reputable quality predominantly in the Lagos axis such as Millennial Town, The Apartment, Urban Prime, Northville Estate, and The Milton Estate, among others.

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