Taking the plunge with hard-to-remove wallpaper or expensive tile can be daunting. If you’re one of those who like to change up your home’s look often, or you’re just having a hard time committing to one application, a temporary solution may be the answer for you. Thankfully, the choices are vaster than ever, and they’re often significantly more affordable than the “real thing.”

Temporary wallpaper

There are so many places you can go today for temporary, easily movable and removable wallpaper, both online and in stores, with so many great options reflecting the newest trends in home décor that you can update as often as you want. We’ve had this graphic print in our TV niche for the past two years, and it came from Target for just $29.99.

Walls Need Love is our current obsession (soon to be yours, too!), and, truthfully, the company that inspired this entire post. We NEED this adhesive-backed Golden Geo pattern and also the Dimensional Retro and the White Brick and OH MY GOD the Vintage Fabric Wall Mural (Hang on…purchasing this right now…and…done.). Clearly, what we really need is more walls.


Fabric walls

There are plenty of textures available in peel-and-stick wallpaper, but fabric introduces another layer of dimensionality. This burlap-wrapped wall creates a chic look that’s temporary and easy to pull off. Some liquid starch and oversized brads tacked in around the perimeter keep everything in place. Apartment Therapy has a good tutorial for hanging fabric as wallpaper.


Temporary tile

Whether it’s your kitchen that needs some love, or a bathroom that really could use a focal point, temporary, peel-and-stick tile is a great addition to the home décor scene. It gives you great options to add some decorative flair with zero need for an installation demo, and it’s often so affordable you can fancy up multiple rooms and give them an update every season.

“Self-adhesive backsplash tiles are available in a wide range of colors and styles, including glass mosaic tiles, faux metal patterns, painted artistic squares and simple laminate designs,” said HGTV. “The versatile nature of self-adhesive backsplash tiles makes them not only a simple design solution, but also a fun one. They can be applied behind kitchen sinks or behind stovetops (where you’ll also want a quiet kitchen exhaust fan.)”


Want the look of Carrera marble but without the expense and permanence? These amazing gray-and-white, peel-and-stick subway tiles from Smart Tiles are just $6.13 from Wayfair for a 10×10 piece. At that price, you can do your whole kitchen backsplash and then head for the master bathroom and the laundry room and the…

This peel-and-stick tile in a herringbone pattern looks like authentic but costs far less and doesn’t need professional installation or grout.


You can even get today’s hottest tile look with graphic patterns reminiscent of what you’d find in Spain or Morocco. Vintage Bilbao is a black-and-white application that will definitely bring the drama to your space (and when you’re tired of it, you just peel it off!); Vintage Gallo gives you the same look in gray and white and Vintage Azur is a blue-and-white variation with accents of yellow.



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