A Nanny could be what you need, There are two types of nannies

A Nanny could be what you need, There are two types of nannies post thumbnail image

types of nannies

There are two , a live in nanny and a part time nanny or the come and go nanny.

A nanny could be a great help for your to balance your lifestyle. In the fast moving world of today both parents have to generally work to maintain the social standard of living. In the process the children get neglected.  Every parent wants to enjoy with the child but fails due to the lack of time. This is where the need for a nanny arises. But before you employ a nanny you must understand what a nanny is and what you can expect from her.

A nanny is a person who takes care of a child at the child’s own . She is going to be a companion to your child when you are not around. A nanny is a caretaker, an educator, and even a mentor to your child.

There are two types of nannies, a live in nanny and a part time nanny or the come and go nanny. A live in nanny will stay with your child for the entire period of time that you hire her, whereas a part time nanny will come and go as per working hours. Therefore you have to first decide what kind of nanny do you want to employ.

Once the time factor is decided, you need to start looking for a nanny. To look for a nanny you can give a local advertisement, or you can look for one by the word of mouth, asking your near ones to help you, you can also contact an agency which specializes in nannies, you can search the internet , and the last option is that you can look on your own .

When you get the feedback you should look into the background, skills , qualifications, and experience of the future nanny of your child. When you have zeroed upon one nanny then comes the time to talk and negotiate.

As a parent you have to make your expectations and limitations clear to the nanny. Discuss with her the basic job of protecting, teaching, loving and playing with your child. Also tell her about how to take care of your child’s meals, laundry, room and personal belongings. At the final step you should discuss the salary with her.

A nanny gradually becomes a child’s best friend, but that may not be always true. So you should keep checking the compatibility of your child with the nanny. The relationship between nanny and the child’s family should be built on trust. Don’t expect a nanny to be your housekeeper, a maid, your bestfriend, and your confidant. Always remember she’s there for the most important member of your family …..your child.

There are two types of nannies and finding a nanny is not a too difficult task, But you have to be very careful what type of nanny you employ to take care of your kids. As mentioned above is an easy ways to find a nanny .

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